Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People (Infographic)

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Habits of the World's Wealthiest People (Infographic)

What do Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffett have in common, in addition to their fairly sizable net worths? More than you might think.

An infographic developed by social-media marketing company NowSourcing details some of the qualities and traits shared by the rich (we’re talking those who earn more than $160,000 a year and have $3.2 million in assets). If you want to take a page out of Bill Gates’ playbook, wake up early, exercise, read more (definitely cut back on your reality TV intake) and write a daily to-do list.

For more tips and statistics, including a gender breakdown and where the world’s nearly 31.7 million millionaires call home, check out the infographic below.

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Habits of the World's Wealthiest People

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Kevin Idehen talking about reversing Nigeria’s brain drain

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Here comes the great Nigerian Diaspora.

Racism against Africans in India, the shame of a nation

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Imagine walking down a street while children pelt you with stones. Also imagine, being a 12-year-old who no one is willing to play with or someone who is regularly bullied at school. Think of what it is like to walk down a street where small boys spit on you, often egged on by their parents. 

Racial prejudice against people of African descent has grown manifold over the last five years, with hundreds of people of African descent staying at Malyiya Nagar’s Khirki Extension, Hauz Rani and Khirki Village going through a nightmarish experience daily, for the last several years.

When HT visited Khirki Extension, a number of such residents came out with their horror tales of being stoned, beaten and even molested outside their houses.



“My experience of living in this neighbourhood is not very fond. There is just too much prejudice. I have had people throwing stones at me for no reason whatsoever. Small kids have spat on me for no reasons. I don’t claim that none of the Africans who live here are drug addicts, but if they are doing something wrong, arrest them in a proper manner. Don’t accuse all of us of being drug addicts and peddlers. I don’t get jobs because of my skin colour. There is a lot of segregation and discrimination,” said Jason, who is from Nigeria and has been living in the area for the last three years.        

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The experiences women have to go through is much worse.

“It is common for men in the area to sexually harass us on the streets and pass lewd comments. Incidents of stoning are very common. In the past, men have tried to enter our rooms late in the night,” said a Nigerian woman, who did not want to be named.

Other women recount the horror they experienced on Thursday.

“I was in my room when I saw a hoard of men entering the gate and rushing towards our room. I locked my door but they forced us to open it. The men came in and started to ask for our passports. They then opened our cupboards to ‘search’ for drugs. By this time, the cops reached the spot and shooed them away,” said Irene, who exports goods from India to various African countries.

The men and women, in fact, say that the police have been instrumental in ensuring that the local residents don’t harass them.

“They have always helped us whenever we have complained,” Irene added.

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Aastha Chauhan, an artist who has been working with people of various nationalities in Khirki Extension for the past 10 years, said that she had written to the police commissioner before the elections saying that racial prejudice is rampant in the area and the police needed to take serious action.

Source: Hindustan Times

The Central African Republic’s first female President

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After years of crisis and political violence, the Republic of Central Africa began the first phase of its transition to democratic civilian governance by electing Catherine Samba-Panza to act as an interim President. A study of the political history of the country showed that Samba-Panza is the first female to become the president of the country.

 Who is Catherine Samba-Panza?

 Catherine Samba-PanzaThe 59-year-old former Bangui mayor was born on June 26, 1954 in Fort Lamy, Chad to a Cameroonian father while her mother was from CAR.

She studied law in France where two of her three children still live. Before getting into politics, she worked as a corporate lawyer. She was also active in a women’s rights organisation.

Ms. Samba-Panza succeeds CAR’s first Muslim leader Michel Djotodia, who resigned on January 10 after being put under pressure by regional leaders and the former colonial power, France, over his failure to curb the conflict.

She is a Christian but the successful businesswoman is seen as politically neutral. Samba-Panza was the Chairwoman of the National Dialogue in 2003 which was established to address conflict in the region.

She was appointed mayor of Bangui by the National Transitional Council during the 2012 -2013 conflict.

Her appointment was accepted by both sides in the conflict as she was viewed as politically neutral.

How she emerged
She emerged after the former president, François Bozize, was pressurised to step down by the international community amid violent clashes between Muslim and Christian groups.

She was elected as the top candidate amongst seven contenders in a vote by the transitional parliament on Monday. Samba-Panza won 75 votes in the run-off, against 53 for Mr. Kolingba, the son of a former president.

The election went to a second round after Ms. Samba-Panza failed to secure an outright majority in the first round. Six other candidates were knocked out in the first round. Among them were two women and two sons of former presidents.

They all had to meet the stringent requirements set by the National Transitional Council. All those who had held political offices under previous interim president, Michel Djotodia, as well as all party leaders and active members of the military were not allowed to run for the presidency. Also among those excluded from the top job were members of militia groups.

About 129 members of the 135-seat council took part in the secret ballot, AFP reports. (101)


Keep your thoughts pure…

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Always see life through your own mind’s eye and not through the eyes of the world’s mind. We were taught how to sit, crawl, walk, talk, read, write, dance, eat, drink and many more….but who taught you how to think?? Do you remember your first thought??? You talk to God through your thinking and He taught you how to think. Protect your thinking from the evil seeds of this dark world and keep your dominant thoughts, pure…purer than pure water.  Applying make up to a lie does not make it become the truth, as that is you justifying your actions.   No matter how well dressed a monkey is, it is still a monkey….