Papy K, Chanting!!!

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I am in the Spirit…….engulfed in the flame and embrace of Love. I hear the deafening whispers, of the breeze, of the wisdom, of the ancients. I have been flung into the future and taken into the past. I have been exposed to the darkness of the dark. I have seen it’s manipulation and warped cold love. I have seen the wealth of the poor and the poverty of the rich. I have seen the motivation of the powerful and the power of motivation. I have learnt from the fools and taught the wise. After all said and done….One conclusion, I draw. I am a spirit, in a human tent….and without God, I am nothing. Praise be to the Name of the most High……Jah! Ever loving, ever faithful, ever listening, ever teaching. Today, is a good day…..Papy K, chanting!!!!


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