A Proud African, chanting

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Why must some Africans be defined by the opinions of their enemies? I don’t see other races redefining themselves based on other race’s views of them. When I attended the Chris Aire show in Beverley Hills, everyone from all the other races were in awe of my African clothes and pride, except one Nigerian lady who was full of shame and said, in LA we don’t wear African clothes….Self hatred = low self esteem. Use fresh eyes to look at the links you share about your race. I leave you with the words of Prophet Robert Nesta Marley: Don’t let them school you or even try to fool you. We refuse to be, what they wanted us to be….we are what we are. Would you let the system make you kill your broda man, NO DREAD, NO! I am African, God’s own prototype, the father of the human race. Nobody but God defines me…..I am strong, intelligent, creative, loving, spiritual, positive, beautiful beyond description and a Warrior. I love myself and others and REFUSE to let another with two balls and a dick, define I and I…..My only pain is when the intellects among us, fight to impose the negative views of their masters on the rest of us. My pain is for their loss and misguided opinion. My pain is for their low self esteem. My pain is for the fact that they have missed the boat……I AM AFRICA!


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