The power of words, a real life story

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Years ago on Facebook, I saw a friend’s update with a message of hopelessness and one prepared to give in. I made contact and asked what the problem was? A young Nigerian girl, in the Diaspora just failed her first exams and faced other challenges. She had locked herself indoors for days, closed the curtains and was considering throwing in the towel. I said a prayer inside and asked the Lord to take over this serious matter. At the same time, I was watching Joyce Meyer on TV and she was talking about the circle of suicide and the spirit of hope. As I was chatting with the young lady, I asked her if she had a bible and thank God she did. I passed each verse from the Bible, via Joyce Meyer, to the lady and by the end of the program, she had opened the curtains of darkness, sent the suicidal spirit packing and was filled with life. The transformation was a miracle and I thanked God for showing me how powerful words can be and for saving a life. You may be down but not out. Your trust might have been broken, you might be embraced by the wings of shame and guilt and your friends might have deserted you……God said, He will NEVER forsake you. That means no matter what you have done, He will ALWAYS be there for you. Cast that heavy and invisible burden on Jesus, as He is waiting to carry it for you. May your flame of hope, NEVER die out, in Jesus Name, Amen!!!!


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