Mandela Mania

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Stories will be told to our descendants about Mandela, the great man…..My hero!

Untold Stories




− Madiba is a legend. A hero for all Africans, and for the rest of the world, Kenneth Emyenghemoe says, turning his head to see the poster of Nelson Mandela. We’re in the yard of Mandela car wash in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. While mourners and 91 world leaders gather in South Africa to unite in tribute to a man who became a global symbol of reconciliation, in one of the biggest send-offs in history, the Nigerians pay respect to “Madiba” their own way. His name is on everyone’s lips and his face on every newspaper front page and every tv-screen.

Kenneth is a driver waiting to get his car washed by Mandela’s men.

−The owner of this place loved the South African legend so much they nicknamed him Mandela. When the guy wanted to start his own car washing business, it just had to be named, Mandela, Kenneth explains. His…

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